SUN Microsystems Inc. Java Plug-in

Some of the pages require that SUN?s Java Plug-in is installed. In most cases your browser will automatically download and install the Java Plug-in.
However, if the automatic installation fails you can download and install the Java Plug-in manually using the link below.

Click here to download SUN's Java Plug-in.

Notice: You must have administrative privileges to install the Java Plug-in.

Stand-alone Dupline-Online Server Downloads

  • Release notes
  • Installation manual
  • Installation program for the Dupline-Online Server version 1.3
  • Update program for the Dupline-Online Server version 1.x to version 1.5

    The stand-alone Dupline-Online Server can be downloaded for free.
    The Dupline-Online Server is fully functional but storing of logs will discontinue after 30 days if not activated within that period.
    To activate the Dupline-Online Server a license key is required which can be purchased from Carlo Gavazzi.

  • Dupline Data Logger Downloads

  • Master Generator Configuration Software version 2.50 (latest firmware included)
  • MOXA NPort Downloads

  • MOXA NPort Configuration Tool for Dupline-Online